More than 50 years developing high performance balls screw equipments

With more than 50 years of experience, we are a model provider in the sector. We have several ranges of ground ball screws to provide our customers with a product and service tailored to all of their projects’ needs.

We offer better performance, energy savings and higher speed for your entire machinery.


/Ball screws

Korta’s high precision ball screws are the core of our business. Our goal: to offer high-quality tailor-made solutions.

/Rollvis roller screws

The roller screw is similar to the ball screw with the difference that the load transmission elements are threaded rollers. Their main advantage is that the number of load-bearing contact points is higher.

/Ground trapezoidal screws

We offer quality ground trapezoidal spindles of different sizes, from diameters of 6mm to 200mm.

/Eichenberger Products

We are the exclusive distributor of the Swiss brand Eichenberger Gewinde for Spain and Portugal.

Eichenberger offers miniature rolled ball screws as well as the SPEEDY and RONDO range of rolled screws with bronze or plastic nuts.

/Fine thread grinding

We grind fine shaft threads that range from 6 to 350 metrics.


We manufacture a wide variety of augers according to our customers needs, with modules ranging from M0.5 – M26 and with different input numbers.

/Screws, guides and skates

And other products related to ball screws are marketed by Korta through Korta Pajol.

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TAS & After sales service

Our quality guarantee

Korta is governed by a robust quality assurance policy, and is certified under the main international standards. We have Company Registration Certificate ER-071/2/96 in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard.