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We are national leaders in the aerospace industry, with more than 11 years of experience designing and manufacturing bespoke ball screws to suit our clients’ particular needs.
We offer innovation, quality, precision and safety.


/Civil aviation

We are leaders in Spain in the production of ball screws for all types of actuators in the aeronautical sector.

These are some of the systems that use our ball screws:


We produce all types of ball screws to meet this market’s extremely stringent requirements. Our products are a key component in steering actuators and propellants, among other mechanisms.

We participate in diverse projects together with the main market leaders.


We have successfully launched our products in this sector as part of a range of projects, in partnership with major space innovators.

Korta ball screws form part of the International Space Station, satellites and telescopes.

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Our quality guarantee

Korta is governed by a robust quality assurance policy, and is certified under the main international standards. We have Company Registration Certificate ER-071/2/96 in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard.