These guidelines are aimed at establishing KORTA S.A.U.’s general terms and conditions of sale, which are to apply to all quotations issued unless specifically stated otherwise in the quotation and/or commercial contract.



1.1.1. Request for quotation (RFQ)

The buyer must provide KORTA S.A.U. with sufficient information to draw up the quotation. KORTA S.A.U. will request this information in the event it is not provided by the customer and will not begin to draw up the offer until it is provided.

Depending on the buyer’s inquiry, the minimum amount of information will include:

  • Inquiry aimed at KORTA S.A.U. issuing a firm quotation: Drawing of the last level of the screw under quotation and/or basic features of the screw. 
  • Inquiry aimed at KORTA S.A.U. issuing a design proposal: Operating conditions of the machine.

1.1.2. Purchase orders (PO) 

Purchase orders issued to KORTA S.A.U. by the buyer must:

  • Include KORTA S.A.U.’s valid quotation number (valid for 3 months) in the order.
  • Indicate the engineering level of the drawing.

In the event the buyer does not expressly exclude this, drawings issued by KORTA S.A.U. must be confirmed within 5 business days of issue.


KORTA S.A.U. is committed to issuing the buyer a commercial offer valid for 3 months after receiving the information needed to draw up:

  • Maximum 5 business days for standard ball screw inquiries.
  • 15 business days for non-standard ball screw inquiries.
  • Aero will be established in the feasibility analysis for the request.

After receiving the information needed for drawing up the offer, KORTA S.A.U. will, upon request from the customer or for new strategically important customers, inform the buyer about the complexity of the offer and in turn the time limits for drawing it up.

The information provided by the buyer for drawing up the quotation will be handled confidentially by all KORTA S.A.U. staff as stipulated in the Code of Conduct and Data Protection procedures.

In the event third parties are required when drawing up the commercial offer, KORTA S.A.U. will request the buyer’s permission to provide said parties with the information needed for their work in the event sensitive information is provided or will make assurancesto send non-sensitive information.


  • Unless stated otherwise in the quotation or commercial contract between both parties, the delivery terms for goods will be Ex-Works (EXW).
  • The terms and conditions of payment will be governed by the provisions of European Union legislation at the time the quotation is issued.
  • These costs may be subject to specific negotiation with the buyer, with the appropriate penalties being applied in the event regulatory limits are exceeded.


In the event that, following KORTA S.A.U. receiving the purchase order, the buyer requests product modifications increasing the costs of ongoing product production and/or reworking, these costs will be borne by the buyer. KORTA S.A.U. will inform the buyer of the projected costs and request that party’s approval for implementing the change. 

In the event KORTA S.A.U. requests modifications affecting the product features included in the quotation, said party will request the buyer’s approval for implementing the change. This request will be accompanied by an impact analysis of the proposed changes. 


  • All KORTA S.A.U. manufactured products come with a 1-year warranty following the shipping date.
  • his warranty does not cover regular wear and tear, corrosion, improper installation, abuse, alteration or misuse. 
  • In the event of product failure requiring an analysis by KORTA S.A.U. to identify the cause, the buyer will bear the costs of shipping the product to KORTA S.A.U. facilities for analysis.
  • Should said failure be covered under KORTA S.A.U. product warranty following the analysis, the buyer will be reimbursed for the costs of shipping against evidence of said costs.