KORTA has a plan to create the nearest thing to a ball screw training centre, designed to improve qualifications and standards among KORTA staff. 

Its purposes include running specialist courses, advanced programmes and in-company activities, as well as attracting and developing talent. In this endeavour, it has the support of the University of Deusto, the University of Mondragon and TECNUN School of Engineering at the University of Navarra. It also offers an environment in which to be inspired, learn and interact, and an experiential teaching method.

In addition, it has collaboration contracts with the professional training centres Oteiza Lizeoa and IMH Campus.

KORTA runs short courses both independently and in collaboration with various partners. Their aim is to facilitate practical knowledge across several subjects of interest.

We are designing advanced programmes in a range of subjects with high strategic value for the SENSORISATION sector.

In addition, we have started developing talent in the next generation of professionals, as part of an AULA ESCUELA project.