National leader in the aerospace industry


Korta began in 1963, in the Basque Country, as a result of the enterprising and innovative spirit of two brothers who were joined years later by a third brother. Their aim was to offer bespoke solutions to machine tool manufacturers.


Over the years, the company raised its profile on the national and international markets and strengthened its position in the 1970s by acquiring the Narrando industrial unit. A decade later, this pavilion was expanded and the production of ballscrews began. This consolidated our presence in the national and international market, with distribution to France and Korea.


In 1999 they invested in innovation to open a new plant, which is the company’s site today. This positioned Korta as a leading ball screw company on a global level.


Today, the company is headed up by the second generation of the Korta family: the founders’ children and a team of external professionals.

Korta’s commercial and business network

Korta’s commitment to continue to grow and meet the market’s needs has led to it being present and having distributors all over the world. At present, we have branches and commercial distributors in 14 countries.

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Culture and values

We are passionate about transforming steel into linear motion machinery with the added VALUE of precision.

We add that value from a position of transparency, conveying our size and reliability to our clients.

Agility and navigability
Our size lets us navigate the waves in a more agile way: being small and nimble is a strength on the open sea.

Our quality guarantee

Korta is governed by a robust quality assurance policy, and is certified under the main international standards. We have Company Registration Certificate ER-071/2/96 in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard.

In our processes, we use the latest measurement and certification technology to ensure quality in our products.


We are family. We are all KORTA.

We design, manufacture and supply.

Our key product is bespoke high-precision ball screws.

Our clients are global and we are here to listen and help them meet their needs.

We like to compete in a healthy, sustainable way.


We want the children of KORTA staff to feel proud of where they work and the products they make.

We want to be a leading company on an INTERNATIONAL level.

We want to innovate in product design and be among the best.

We pursue excellence based on collaboration between clients, suppliers and institutions.

We want to follow the path of a SUSTAINABLE LOCAL ECONOMY with an INTERNATIONAL perspective.

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