In Saudi Arabia, to protect the people from the warm weather, they have put up giant parasols that have KORTA ball screws.

To face the high temperatures in the country, SEFAR Architecture devised a prototype for a giant parasol covered with a special fabric. They measure almost 26 meters long and wide and have a height of 20 meters. Now in Haram Square there are 250 umbrellas that can cover an area of 143,000 square meters, larger than the entire floor of the square. And this allows the temperature to drop to 8ºC, which helps to absorb the heat and offer pilgrims a comfortable place to pray.

The parasols give an elegant touch and when closed they look like pillars typical of Saudi architecture.

The planning for this large-scale architectural project was handed over to SL-Rasch GmbH based in Germany.

We are proud to be part of such an exclusive and great project.



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