Aeroema is an industrial research project in the field of aeronautical electromechanical action for flight controls led by CESA (Spanish Aeronautical Systems Company).

This project brings together five companies such as CESA, Skylife, Obeki, Inespasa and Korta to be able to research and develop components for three actuation applications with very different regulatory, safety, kinematic, dynamic and power requirements and that cover a wide spectrum of possible actuation systems in an aircraft. For this, it has had the support of five other research organizations: CATEC, Tecnalia, University of Seville, University of Mondragón and AICIA.

The final goal of the project is to take a decisive step in the development of technologies to obtain electromechanical actuators for applications in critical aeronautical systems aimed at the aircraft of the future, emphasizing the “More Electrical Aircraft” concept, and contributing to providing a greater safety, efficiency, noise reduction, mitigation of greenhouse gases and reduction of the volume and weight of the systems on board the aircraft and, consequently, provide greater competitiveness and sustainability to the aeronautical industry. The successful outcome of the project will contribute to its strategic objective, which is none other than the positioning of the companies in the consortium as suppliers of EMAs and their components for the new generation of aeronautical electromechanical actuation systems, researching and developing the different technologies involved until reaching integrate operational demonstrators (TRL 3-4).

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