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1985: the original family company formula changed with the birth of Korta S.A. with a workforce of 25 people.

1985: Distribution agreement in France with TECNIMATIC.

1987: U-HAN became the distributor of KORTA ballscrews in Korea.

1990: Although our export channels were getting off to a good start, we contributed to the birth of AMT, an association for the specific promotion of exports. Joxe Mari Korta was appointed first chairman.

1992, ballscrews business had grown substantially and the company had 47 workers on its payroll. But one of its challenges had yet to be met: to sell our products in Germany. Previous attempts to get in had never yielded the desired results. This led to the birth of TECO Gmbh.

1997: first sales in Japan.

1999: New plant

2000: 70% export rate achieved.

2002: Consolidated sales in USA.

2004: LINKOR presented at BIEMH

2006: integrated CAD/CAM manufacturing and measuring nut production system

2007: Korta Service. KORTA creates this new company to offer fast service for Ballscrew repair.

2008 : Ballscrews manufacturing plant in India: KORTA INDIA.



Ballscrews (82,5%) 

Ground worms (14%). Leading Spanish manufacturer of ground worm gear drives (range from module 0,5 to module 22)

Ground lead screws (2,5%) (Ø6-200 mm).

Thread grinding (1%) (M6 to 350)



30 Years of experience

Totally independent company - Financial situation

High flexibility: Quantities / applications / design

Short response time

Best facilities for internal tests and on customer requests

Local representatives worldwide

Location: Machine-tool has a long tradition in the Basque Country. 78 per cent of all Spanish machine-tool production comes from the Basque Country, as does 82 per cent of all its exports. This means that we have the best Research Centres, suppliers, outsourcers really near from us.


Air conditioning system, which keeps the plant at a constant temperature all year round.

Oil filtering and cooling centralized network, is aimed at obtaining the best possible precision and stability in the process of manufacturing our products.

Integrated 3D CAD / CAM system.

Measurement of lead precision of ballscrews by laser interferometer.

CMM(Coordenate Measuring Machine) UPMC (Universal Precision Measuring Center) Carl UPMC 850 CARAT S-ACC (super accuracy)

  • Measuring range X x Y x Z [mm] :850 x 1150 x 600
  • Linear measuring tolerance (uncertainty) of 0.4µm + L/1000



At KORTA we work according to a strict quality assurance policy, which earned us Registered Firm Certificate no. ER-071/2/96 in compliance with UNE-EN ISO 9001 standard since 1996.



Dynamic preload torque of ballnuts.

Ball nut axial rigidity.

Run-out and location tolerances of ballscrews.

Lead precision of ballscrews by laser interferometer.


Human team : 70

Sales 2008 = 9 million Euros

  • Joxe Mari Korta Industrigunea, 2//Apdo. 6, 20750, Zumaia (Guipuzcoa)

  • Contact
  • Tel. (0034) 943 86 03 62
  • Fax: (0034) 943 86 01 42
  • E-mail: info@korta.com
  • http://www.korta.com
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Joxe Mari Kortaren Bidetik
Joxe Mari Korta Industrigunea, 2. Apdo. 6-20750 ZUMAIA (Guipúzcoa) ESPAÑA.
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