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Kortagroup is The response to internationalisation, close relationship with customers and the search for new markets targeted by Korta.

The parent company, Korta S.A, a family company founded 40 years ago by the Korta brothers under the management of Joxe Mari Korta up until 2000. Since its beginnings the company specialised in the production of high Precision Ball Screws, and over all these years they have supplied all the major machine tool manufacturers around the world. The Korta brand also plays an important role in other sectors, such as automotion, energy and aeronautics.

Based on the strategic pillars of a close relationship with customers and internationalisation, in 2007 Korta set up new companies, resulting in Kortagroup. You can consult detailed information regarding these companies in the section Group companies.

Kortagroup: new production plants, new services, new products. The same quality as always.

Fundación Bidetik
Joxe Mari Kortaren Bidetik
Joxe Mari Korta Industrigunea, 2. Apdo. 6-20750 ZUMAIA (Guipúzcoa) ESPAÑA.
Tel.: (34) 943 860 362 / (34) 943 860 366