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The liability exemption clause

Korta S.A. accepts no responsibility regarding information provided outside this website and not directly controlled by our webmaster. The links appearing on this website are simply for information purposes for the user regarding the existence of other sources of information regafing this material on the Internet, providing additional information to that provided on this website. These links are neither a suggestion, invitation nor recommendation to visit the destinations, and for this reason, Korta S.A. we are not responsioble for the results obtained by means of these hypertext links. Under no circumstances Korta S.A. do we accept responsibility, before third parties, for any direct or indirect, financial, loss of clientelle, loss of profits information, based on the www.korta-sa.com.

Copyright Warning

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Authorised reproduction with the source always cited, unless otherwise indicated. When a previous authorisation is required for the reproduction or use of text or multimedia details (sounds, images, programmes, etc.), this authorisation shall cancel the aforementioned general authorisation and shall clearly specify possible restrictions of use.

Conditions of use

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