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Friends of relatives of the businessman Jose María Korta continue the company obligations. La Fundación Joxe Mari Kortaren Bidetik (Through José María Korta) was established; with the purpose of promoting the values and ideas he defended so much in his life, and to promote various integral education and innovation projects amongst the new generations.

The foundation's main purposes to to promote honesty, personal effort, constructive dialogue, solidary and committed humanism and love for the country. These values played an important role in Korta's life and are essential to achieve Euskadi's social structuring.

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Fundación Bidetik
Joxe Mari Kortaren Bidetik
Joxe Mari Korta Industrigunea, 2. Apdo. 6-20750 ZUMAIA (Guipúzcoa) ESPAÑA.
Tel.: (34) 943 860 362 / (34) 943 860 366