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2010-06-04. Korta Group has posted in Korta Group EN | Write comment

The 3rd of june was held in Korta SA the Adegitop "The Internationalization Process in SMEs: Opportunities and Challenges." This was attended Ana Belén Juaristi (Engranajes Juaristi, S.L.), Mentxu Baldazo (Irizar, S.Coop.) Amaia Odriozola (Lagun-Artea Grupo Empresarial, S.L.), Xabier Goenaga (Sammic, S.L.), Javier Marquina (Sellex, S.A.) and Juan Mañero (Siliconas Silam, S.A.). The meeting was organized by Jaione Iñarraieraegi (Adegi), the Diretor of the Adegitop program. Andoitz Korta made the exposition.

The excellent level of the participants made the day a success. Korta would like to thank them. We hope to collaborate on future projects.

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