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2010-01-26. Olaia Jaio has posted in Korta India | 6 comments | Write comment




We are proposing this part of the Blog to be usefull for the people from KORTA GROUP visiting or Joining KORTA INDIA plant in Bangalore . [Location]

KORTA Guest House adress:

Appartment B002 Mantri Greens Sevashrama

Korta Guest House has two motorbikes (scooter) for all those that are staying at Korta Guest House. The funny and easy way to discover Bangalore city. Enjoy your ride!

2 cell phones are avialable for our guests: 

(9945084787) & (9620798630).




- Money Exchange: There is an Exchange office in the duty free shopping area, but the exchange rate is usually quite unfavourable and they charge commission, so it's better to exchange enough money just for paying the taxi.

If you don't have enough Euros or other currency to exchange, once you exit the airport there are a few ATM in which you can withdraw money.

It is advisable for those who can have Spanish cards to make a Caixa Nova joven nx card (up to 30 year olds; www.caixanova.es), with which you can withdraw money without any commission in any ATM around the World (unless the foreign bank has an own commission, what happens very rarely), or the Kutxa gaztekutxa card, that has a 1€ fixed commission for all withdrawals (https://www.kutxa.net/jkn_home/Navegacion?idEnlace=000115).


- Taxis: Once you get out of the airport a bunch of men will approach you asking if you want a taxi. The best thing to do is to ignore them and keep walking until you find a line of official taxis that will usually register you and take you legally with the taximeter. The ride from the airport to the Korta Guesthouse costs around 500 rupees (ca. 8,5€). Directions for the driver: Mantry Mall, Malleshwaram. It's the shopping centre known by everybody just next to the Mantry Greens apartment complex, where the Guesthouse is located. Full address:

Sampige Road nr. 1

Mantry Greens Appartments, Tower B, 002


Bangalore 560003




The Korta Guesthouse is locaded in Sampige Road, in the area of Malleshwaram that once was the centre of the city and has the oldest temple in the same road. Just next to the apartment is the Mantry Mall, one of the biggest and newest shopping centres in the city, where the Indians wander around the western-like environment (mostly during the weekends, when it gets very busy, that's why it's better avoiding it during those days). The mall has a Spar that sells food, electronic devices, home and health care products, etc., so there's no problem to stock up!! On the last floor there are several restaurants and food stands, as well as a cinema complex. On the second floor you'll find one of the many Pascucci Cafés in Bangalore (http://www.pascucci.in/), that offers pizzas, salads and other kind of simple Italian food for an affordable price, as well as a home delivery service (for which the Mantry Greens B002 is already a known spot...), and on the first floor a Barista (http://www.barista.co.in/users/index.aspx, coffee shop chain with snacks).

Even though the activity in this area is quite vivid and interesting among streets like 8th Cross and other around, where you can find food and flower markets, as well as street vending stands where the locals crowd together, the current city centre is around the MG Road (Mahatma Ghandi Road). The street itself is nothing special, as it is one of the main roads, where the first city metro line (not underground) is being built. Nevertheless, there are lots of restaurants and shops where you can wonder around, mostly around the Brigade Road, a perpendicular road to MG Road, the corner of which is many times a meeting point.

An interesting area to walk and do some shopping nearby is also the Commercial Street, where there are lots of streets up and down with tons of shops and stands selling, among others, garments, household accessories or food, sometimes divided in specialized streets. The City Market is not that far away either, and it's interesting to see all the fruits, vegetables and ritual powders that pile up both inside and outside the market building, with vivid colours ready to be captured. It's also nice to wander around the streets around it, that are full of shops selling saris, food or any other gadget, also in different streets depending on the activity, like in the old days.


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idoia olano | 2011-06-19 15:55:54

It\'s nothing like going to work at Korta India in rickshaw and escorted by the big two bosses.Thanks !!

Andoitz | 2011-01-16 21:27:57

I will be attending the KORTA booth on IMTEX show.

Andoitz | 2010-11-12 17:22:10

I am back in Korta India for 10 days.

Andoitz | 2010-09-27 15:50:22

Watch out the rickshaws!

Ales Ochoa | 2010-09-27 08:17:52

We are glad to inform that Korta Guest House has acquired a second motorbike (scooter) for all those that are staying at Korta Guest House. The funny and easy way to discover Bangalore city. Enjoy your ride!

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